Combi Boilers in Birmingham UK

A Combi Boiler is the answer to your 'limited space' woes. As the name suggests, Combi Boiler is a water heater and boiler combined into one unit, thus, saving space and energy bills. Owing to their cost-effective installation and versatile operation, Combi boilers now account for 50% of new household boilers in Britain. Plus, more and more homeowners are inclined to have their old boilers replaced with a more efficient combi boiler. is an authorised supplier of combi boilers in Birmingham, UK. We stock a wide range of boilers to meet the heating requirements of residential properties of all sizes. Walk us through your everyday usage, so we can recommend and install the right Combi boiler for your home. If you are not sure about what you need, feel free to have a quick word with us before loosening the purse strings. Our experts can assist you with the buying process so that you do not end up with a less suitable boiler.

Authorised supplier of Combi Boiler

Installing a tank-less Combi Boiler has many benefits over the traditional boilers, which are so last year by the way. With a Combi Boiler, you can save significantly on space and installation cost, thanks to its compact design and less pipework. And since there's no tank in the system, there's no smudge build-up as well – only fresh water running through the pipes, at the same pressure as of mains supply.

With a Combi Boiler, you get fast and fresh supply of hot water, right when you need it. Moreover, these boilers are cheaper to install and maintain, which saves you a lot of your valuable time and money in the long run.

In a rare case of breakdown, you do not have to cringe at the thought of expensive replacement or repair. Their spare parts are easily available throughout the UK, at affordable prices. You can get the parts fitted by a trained professional for a nominal installation fee.

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