Combi boilers are ideal for small homes as they require no bulky water storage tanks, they also require less pipework.

Energy and cost efficient
Since you only heat the water you need, when you need it, a combi boiler wastes very little energy (and therefore money).

Good water pressure
Providing you have an adequate level of mains pressure, you should experience a good level of pressure from your shower and taps with a combi boiler.

Quick, easy and generally cheap to install
Since a combi boiler requires no tank, it is one of the more straightforward boiler types to install. This also means it tends to be a cheaper option both for installation and repairs.

Hot water on demand
You don’t need to wait for a water tank to heat up as a combi boiler heats water on demand. This also means you can have an unlimited amount of hot water.

Combi-boilers heat water according to demand. Therefore combi-boilers are very convenient if many people are queuing to use the same bathroom. Since hot water is provided ‘according to demand’ there is no risk of water running out as is the case with a conventional boiler.

Since water is heated in small quantities, you save money compared to traditional boilers which heat vast quantities of water even if you simply want to wash your hands! This is because conventional boilers require you to heat up an entire cylinder full of water, even if you just want to wash the dishes! Combi boilers therefore have a smaller carbon-footprint when compared to conventional boiler.

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