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Most enclosed showers feature an outward opening door unless it is a quadrant shower enclosure. A quadrant shower is designed to fit in the corner of a bathroom. It has a curved shape that provides more space inside the enclosure. Unlike walk-in or frameless showers, the quadrant is a wholly enclosed unit allowing users to shut the door and bath in complete solitude. Continue reading to learn more about quadrant shower enclosure

What Is a Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

Quadrant shower enclosures feature a curve-shaped frontage designed to fit snugly into the bathroom corner. It usually comes with a sliding or hinged shower door that fits in with the curved shape.

Reasons to Buy

From space-saving to less glass to clean, quadrant shower enclosure provides several benefits for which you should consider buying it. In the section below, we will discuss a few of them:

  1. A quadrant shower enclosure can be your best option if you want to design a rounded bath. Square enclosures, on the other hand, provide straight edges that work better with angular suites.
  2. Due to the curved shape, quadrant shower enclosures don't protrude as far into bathroom space as rectangular or square shower enclosures. However, it still provides plenty of room for side-to-side movement while showering.
  3. Offset quadrant shower enclosures can be the best option for those who have more room to spare in their bathroom but still want to make great use of it. This type of shower enclosure is ideally designed to provide a larger showering space. It features shower door seal strips that keep water firmly inside.
  4. Rectangular or square-shaped shower enclosures come with at least two whole panes of glass. However, a quadrant shower enclosure only features a single unit of a curved glass pane. Therefore, they are easy to clean and maintain.

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Quadrant shower enclosure

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