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Complete bathroom suites are considered the most fundamental building block of any bathroom as they usually comprise a toilet, sink, and a bath or shower. Therefore, you have to be very careful while choosing a suite. Making the right decision today will indeed keep you worry-free for years to come. The below guide will help you to choose the right suite for your bathroom and enable you to get the best value for your money. 

Traditional vs Contemporary Suites

Bathroom suites are typically categorised into two types: 

  1. Modern or contemporary suites
  2. Traditional or classic suites

With bespoke styles, customisable options, and several alternatives, you can efficiently decide on what type of suites you want from the above two categories. Traditional bathroom suites are renowned for their recessed details, beautiful look, and elegant designs. Modern bathroom suites, on the other hand, utilise unusual styles and geometric designs. Many companies offer both traditional and contemporary full bathroom suites for sale. You can check their catalogues to choose the right type of suite for your bathroom. Our recommendation is to:

  • Invest in a traditional suite if you want to give your bathroom a Victorian-era-inspired look. 
  • Buy a contemporary suite if your bathroom is not too large. The space-saving features of contemporary suites will give your bathroom an uncluttered look. Needless to say, you must invest in this type if the overall theme of your home and bathroom is contemporary.

Bathroom Size

You also need to consider the size of your bathroom to understand which suite will work best with it. You will get a variety of choices if your bathroom is large, but still, you have to be cautious while picking the best suite for it. For example, a small suite with a tiny cloakroom basin will look odd in a large bathroom.

Don't worry if you have limited space in your bathroom. Both traditional and contemporary bathroom suites are available that are ideally designed for small bathrooms. While selecting a suite for your smaller bathroom you must ensure that it comes with an integrated storage option. It will help you to make the most out of your space.

Number of Pieces

Complete bathroom suites that are available for sale can also be classified into two types based on the number of components they consist of. These types are: 

  • 4 Piece Suite: This type of suite commonly contains a toilet pan, pedestal, cistern, and basin. 
  • 5 Piece Suite: Along with all the components of a 4-piece suite, this type also includes a bathtub.

Both these types work excellently in giving bathrooms a complete elegant look effortlessly in a cost-effective way. We recommend opting for a 5-piece suite when you are designing a master bathroom. Consider sticking with a 4-piece suite if you don't have enough space for a bathtub in a bathroom. 

We hope the above tips will help you to buy the best suite for your bathroom. You can purchase premium bathroom suites from Bestko at reasonable prices. We deal with all types of plumbing and heating products and help customers by making their bathroom remodelling dreams come true. Visit our product pages to explore our full range of bathroom suites. 


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