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Bathroom towel radiators or heated towel rails are ideally designed appliances to heat towels before using them. Previously towel rail radiators were usually found in European hotels as towel dryers and racks. Over the horizon of time, the usefulness of towel radiators has made their way wider to residential bathrooms. Now homeowners across the UK and other European countries install heated towel rails in their bathrooms to dry clothes and make the bathroom and towels warmer. 

Modern bathroom towel radiators are aesthetically designed, energy-efficient, and convenient to use. The below reasons will help you understand the importance of installing a heated towel rail in your bathroom. 

Keep Towels Warmer

The most obvious benefit of using a towel rails radiator is keeping your towel warmer. The satisfaction of getting wrapped in a dry, fresh, and warm towel when leaving the shower is priceless. You can experience this feeling every day when you install a towel radiator in your bathroom. 

Get a Warmer Bathroom

Towel rails radiators provide a lot of heat, which is enough to keep the entire bathroom warm even in winter. Therefore, you can also use them as bathroom radiators. This appliance can be categorised into the following three types based on their working mechanism: 

  1. Radiators that are connected with the central heating system
  2. Radiators that run on the electric supply
  3. Some radiators utilise both these mechanisms

According to your preference, you can opt for any of the above types to keep your bathroom and towel warmer. If you use an electrically powered towel radiator, you have to wait for a while to get the desired result after turning the switch on. However, if you desire a warm bathroom at an instant, think of investing in a central heating system. Here, the radiator relates to the central heating system hence you can enjoy instant heating every time.

Dry Your Clothes Quickly

The usefulness of towel radiators is not only limited to keeping towels and bathrooms warm. You can also use them to dry your clothes. Heated towel rails provide vital space and much-needed heat that is required to dry clothes faster in humid weather. 

Save Space

As you already know, towel radiators can also keep your bathroom warmer. It means you don’t need an additional bathroom radiator to keep your bathroom warm if you already have a towel rails radiator in your bathroom. It will help you to save space. 

We hope the benefits of having a towel warmer are now clear to you. You can buy premium heated towel rails at affordable prices from Bestko. We offer the best bathroom radiators to our clients across the nation and help them keep their bathrooms and towels warm. Some of our bestselling chrome curved towel rails are:

  • 300H x 1200L 22mm curved chrome towel rail
  • 400H x 1600L 22mm curved chrome towel rail
  • 500H x 1800L 22mm curved chrome towel rail
  • 600H x 1800L 22mm curved chrome towel rail

We request you to visit our product pages to learn about our towel radiators in detail. You can also contact our customer support team to understand which radiator size will suit your bathroom best. 

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